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The War Games
DVDs » Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
Release Date: 06/07/09 | RRP: £24.99 | Best Price: £6.63

Doctor Who: The War Games For many, The War Games is one of the most epic stories ever told in the history of Doctor Who. Indeed, at an unusual ten episode length it certainly is one of the longest (only to be surpassed by The Daleks' Master Plan and The Trial of a Time Lord).

The story marks the end of an era for the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) after a strong three year run. It also marks the last appearance of James Robert McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury), who would only appear together again on screen in The Five Doctors. It also marks the end of the existing production staff and the start of one of Doctor Who's most famous writers - Terrance Dicks - time on Doctor Who. It is also the last Doctor Who story to be shot in black and white.

The central plot involves the Doctor arriving on the German Front line in the First World War. After being captured and charged as spies by the British officers stationed there, it soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. Indeed, a much more powerful force is at play, one which plans to use the aggressive and war mongering nature of man for its own ends. Pitted against an impossible situation, the Doctor is forced to confront his own people for assistance, despite being a fugitive. Can the Doctor stop the menacing War Lord and the renegade War Chief from attaining their evil goals, and perhaps more importantly can he escape the clutches of the mighty Time Lords?

The story itself is well drawn out, if not somewhat padded at times, but don't let this fool you. The padding allows a lot of character development for the extras, as well as some nice last touches from the main crew. This story shows the main cast at their best - Patrick's Doctor as the master manipulator and adventurer, Jamie as the leader of men and Zoe as the brains of the operation. The guest staring cast, especially Philip Madoc's performance as the War Lord are of exceptionally high standards for this story and gives it real atmosphere (although the security chief does let the side down a bit).

The DVD presents this story in a crisp, digitally remastered form that far exceeds the previous VHS quality. Without a doubt, the Doctor Who Restoration Team have done a top notch job and this really gives an additional quality this story so rightly deserves. The DVD is also packed with a multitude of extras, including interviews, a photo gallery, Now and Then (a documentary focusing on the shooting location areas and how they have changed over time) and many more.

The highlight of the extras for this release has to be the Devious documentary (Devious are a team of amateur film makers who have worked on previous Doctor Who projects such as the Evil of the Daleks stage play and The Curse of the Fatal Death Comic Relief special. The documentary includes interviews with the crew and cast and footage of their project which features a halfway regenerated Doctor (set between his second and third regeneration) and is base at the conclusion of this story. It also features the last ever footage of Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, before his death in 1996.

This DVD marks a pivotal point in the Doctor Who story line. It also marks the end to the Doctors current adventures and his exile to Earth, but it also marks a change in direction to the show. A must have for all collectors.

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